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The single-row cross roller slewing ring is composed of two seatrings. It features compact in design, light in weight, high precision and small fitting clearance.
  As the rollers are 1:1 cross arrange, it is suitable for high precision mounting and capable to bear axial force, resultant moment and considerable large radial force. slewing bearing, slewing bearings
  The single-row crossed roller slewing rings are widely used for histing, transporting, engineering machines as well as for military products.
  1. n1-number of lubricating holes, evenly distributed, lubricating nipple M10×1,GB1152-1153-79.
  2. mounting hole n-φ, maybe replaced with screw hole, tooth width maybe taken as H-h.
  3. Gear force of beriphery given in the table is its maximum value, nominal force of periphery is taken 1/2 of the given calue. slewing bearing, slewing bearings
  4. the trim top coeffivient of inner tooth is 0.1and 0.2,respectively

slewing bearings
slewing bearing

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