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>> Slewing Ring
slewing ring
slewing rings

SUPbearing is specialized in slewing bearing design and manufactures. slewing ring, slewing rings
Our main products are four series of slewing bearings: single-row spherical type, double-row spherical type, three-row rolling type and crossover rolling type. They are applied for all standards or non-standard specification ranged 150-4500mm.Products are sold to all over China ,and export to U.S, Germany, Australian, Singapore and other overseas countries. slewing ring, slewing rings, slewing ring bearing, slewing bearing, slewing, crossed roller bearing, double-row balls slewing ring, single-row slewing ring, single-row crossed rollers slewing ring, single-row four-point contact ball bearing slewing ring, three-row roller slewing ring
We will provide to our customers with reliable design, precise manufacture, commitment and timely service and create mutual values.

Tel: +86-574-87126676 Fax: +86-574-87126621 Email: sales@supbearing.com URL:Http://www.fachaitech.com
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